BIG SMILE Productions is a Cicero Salmon III production company. In all the moments of our lives, from the serious to the painful a little humor helps us get through. Many use comedy to cover our nerves, hide our feelings, mask our pain. BIG SMILE Productions is based on the premise that in life there is always time for a big smile. Producing everything from shorts, feature films, TV shows, sketch comedy and stand up comedy shows. 

BIG SMILE is a company with significant entertainment experience. Cicero, creator and owner had a background in entertainment having interned for Howard Talent West, a talent agency, Kim Hardin casting, a casting director, working for an independent  film financing, development and production company Exodus Film Group, producing, writing and performing. He has appeared in feature films, network television i.e. FOX, cable television stations as well as several national commercials. 

BIG SMILE productions is currently  working on a variety show "BIG SMILE Variety Show" for the Arroyo Channel in Pasadena which will include stand up comedy, improvisation, sketch comedy and musical acts. With a cast of five talented writers/actors it is poised to be amazing. Call or email for details. Currently in production the show is scheduled to hit the air in March of 2015. Put on a BIG SMILE. 
BIG SMILE Productions' projects. 
FANTASY FOOTBALL commentary webseries