Who is Cicero Salmon III ?!

Cicero Salmon III was born The Bronx NY. One of two siblings, he survived the concrete jungle with the tutelage of a domineering Puerto Rican mother grueling hours for New York State. Cicero, attended Pablo Casals Middle School as part of NYC's gifted program where he met Daniel Baker (Desus Nice), and Chris Hayes. A program called Prep for Prep soon provided him the opportunity to attend a private boarding school in New Jersey, The Lawrenceville School and then matriculating to Lehigh University  where he earned a BA in English.  

Not short of life experiences Cicero has worked in finance, telecommunications, education and entertainment. With extensive travel for work and during his academic career Cicero appreciates the idiosyncrasies of the world we live and with that truly appreciates America for its unnatural beauty.  

Email him at Cicero3rd@Gmail.com