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America Now 

If you believe in America, then at the end of the day, the people have spoken. If you voted then you did your part, and although you may not be happy we still have a voice with our local officials. If Democrats want to change their party affiliation for the next 4 years to effect the decisions the republican controlled branches have, then that's an option. 

But if you or someone you know did not vote, and is now out in the streets protesting, take a seat and learn a lesson. Get your ass up every year and…

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The Donald - Reagan Phenom 

This is a very very very good post and since I know many many very influential people who have told me I'm great at blogging you have to read this blog about Trump. If myself indulgent speech sounds familiar one might be confused as to it being Commandant Lassard from Police academy or Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed heir apparent to the presidential seat. This blog is not going to bash Donald Trump. It’s to begin a conversation. 

The phenomenon of Donald 

Donald Trump is the Ronald Regan of our time. 

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Computer Fist Punch 

Computers cant punch people, but people can. With the ability to make our world smaller by connecting individuals from around the globe, the internet has simultaneously made our world more separate and created a lack of accountability, by allowing people to act without consequence by hiding behind the shield of a computer.

I am never an advocate of violence but as per science, people only learn from stimuli, which include positive and negative. Negative in many cases is pain. Kids learn not to play with…Read more

Better have my Donuts 

The Dough-Nut: the bane of every office worker on a diet. The love of every lonely employee stuck in a cubicle. But what is it about the dough that drives us all nuts. Not a big fan of sweets, sometimes we break off a piece of some chocolate, maybe it twizzles at the movies, we pop a couple salty caramel balls in our mouth.  But normally we don't do sweets, we’re trying to eat healthy, we're on a diet, Sean T told me he'd be upset.  

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Affordable Care is the truth 

Some people dont like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you don't like it cause it's called Obama care then shit...don't call it Obama care. Nobody cares what each person calls it, as long as you know what it is and how it, for all intent and purposes makes America amazing.
I won't claim to know it all but I do know many of the facts that in and of themselves, are benficial to all parties involved. As a quick note, Im neither republican nor democrat. I'm all American. Whatever makes our country a better…Read more

Yeesus is my homeboy & Sway has questions 

Kanye is buggin. But he speaks the truth. I watched the Sway interview and the Breakfast Club interview and the message is the same. Although Kanye needs to work on the presentation, cause he gets...turn'd up, his knowledge is real. The dude will, at times,  go off on a stream of consciousness that seems to be off topic, but in actuality are just alternating thoughts being presented without back story due to an assumed level understanding. 
Conceptually, Kanye is really focusing on a few ideas

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How many of these do I have? 

With the season of gifting upon us I realize that I've been tricked again. I had a laptop already. But the ads on TV,   and the so called hip group of tastemakers, convinced me and all of America, to get  a tablet/Ipad. Now it seemed like a great idea; compact, powerful, cool looking great travel companion. But wait, wasn't that why they created laptops. Isn't that how they marketed and sold laptops? Oh, but this thing doesn't have a keyboard, so it's even better. I can just constantly touch the screen with…Read more

Tiger Goes Tiger 

"A male lion attacked and killed female lion in their enclosure in front of dozens of horrified onlookers at a Texas zoo Sunday...Zoo officials don't know what prompted the male lion to attack. Five lions, three females and two males, lived in the enclosure for three years". 

Zoo keepers don't know?! Everybody else knows. Tiger went Tiger. The DNA of a Tiger is predatory. They are born to prey on the weak, demonstrate dominance, feed; kill all the stuff we see on Nat Geo during rerun season.
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LULU Lemons - 

Chip...which is a douche name, the owner of LULULEMON, said that his LULULEMON's aren’t made for thick women. Thick women got upset. Thick women decided not to buy the clothing. Story should be over!  But wait. I guess the story isn't, because people are so greedy and self-involved that instead of1. Allowing this man to feel how he wants
2. Create a style of clothing he chooses to
3. Lose business by alienating an entire client base

Some ladies are still going boo hoo. Why? It’s probably because they want to…Read more

A Grown Man Can't Get Bullied - 

Richie Igconito and Jonathan Martin. Two grown men. Two working professionals. Why the hell is the word bullying being used. In a business environment this is harrassment. I have a problem with the fact that there where a multitude of ways for this adult, Martin to address this issue and he chose to just not show up. Like any office which most of us work in as opposed to on a field where the suit is traded in for spandex, shoulder pads and mouthguards the rules are still the same.There is even a players…Read more

       Life and people don't always make sense to me!