A Grown Man Can't Get Bullied -

Richie Igconito and Jonathan Martin. Two grown men. Two working professionals. Why the hell is the word bullying being used. In a business environment this is harrassment. I have a problem with the fact that there where a multitude of ways for this adult, Martin to address this issue and he chose to just not show up. Like any office which most of us work in as opposed to on a field where the suit is traded in for spandex, shoulder pads and mouthguards the rules are still the same.There is even a players union. Jonathan could have and should have appraoched is position coach, defensive coordinator, head coach, GM I mean there are a lot of options and from what Ive heard he didnt do any. 

Im not excusing the ridiculous acts perpatrated by Incogasshole. I dont know him, but he seems like a regular dickhead. Hey, thats his thing. There are a lot of little things that was can be said as to make this seem like bullying but the reason it isn't and should be treated as such.  Calling this bullying gives a bad perception to kids out here who are growing up trying to figure out how to deal with real life, hardship, bullying, inadequecy and all that comes along with the insecurities of being a person. This big as dude decided to not stand up for himself and in doing that it only perpetuates an idea of choosing the weaker path. 

Theres a lot more on my mind about this but I could go for days. If you have a thought feel free to let it fly. Ill try and reply. 

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