Affordable Care is the truth

Some people dont like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you don't like it cause it's called Obama care then shit...don't call it Obama care. Nobody cares what each person calls it, as long as you know what it is and how it, for all intent and purposes makes America amazing.
I won't claim to know it all but I do know many of the facts that in and of themselves, are benficial to all parties involved. As a quick note, Im neither republican nor democrat. I'm all American. Whatever makes our country a better place, a country made up of: poor, rich, black, white, jew, gentile, man, woman and everything in between, then I'm all for it. I could care less if the law comes from a donkey or an elephant as long as it makes sense. 

1. ACA is socialist. 
    Naah. Socialism would be a shared co-operative system which basically means that everyone would have the same access and same coverage across the board. The ACA isn't the same for everyone. Everyone has to pay and pick the coverage that fits them financially and in coverage. Some people have a high deductable and some dont.  

2. ACA is going to cost people and companies more. 
That doesn't make sense. 
     a) If a bunch of people who werent paying anything are now forced to pay, then that means there is more money in the overall pot. With all this additional money, due to the regulation of the ACA for everyone to pay something then overall costs would either stay the same or go down. Thats like watching the football game everyweek and you have 10 of your friends over. 6 of them always bring food and 4 come through and just eat all your wings and pizza. Now you gotta feed them cause they are your wifes family so you got no choice. Now every week you end up having the 6 dudes bring a little more to compensate for the 4. So, you decided to make the affordable grub act, AGA. This means that everyone has to bring food. The 4 aren't making a lot of money so you tell them.."you don't have to bring a lot, but you have to bring something." Now at first everyone brings and the 6 are now bringing even less then they were originally because 4 more people just chipped in. Even if the 4 decide not to eat they still have to bring something. If theirs left overs you can freeze it up. Save the soda for next week. Easy as pie. 
     b) If everyone is now forced to pick insurance providers, meaning there are now more people going to either, the private carriers or the exchange, then if the cost of prior plans increases its simply the private sector using confusion to increase cost without justification, due to public confusion. 

3. ACA is just giving away money to the poor now.  
   They are actually forcing the poor to pay something. Even those that are receieving some sort of stipend to offset their low income are still required to pay a fee. 

4. Small business owners aka job creaters are getting the shaft.
   This is relative to what one considers a small business owner. Now the facts are that if you run a business with less then 50, yes...less then 50 employees then you are not required to provide healthcare coverage for your employees. Now I'm no economist but I have played one on youtube. Basic economics leads me to believe that if a business owner generates enough revenue to already have 50 full time employees, then he can afford to provide some sort of healthcare plan for the 50+ people who are helping to keep the business running. 

5. The Website didn't work so ACA doesn't work.
 Since a significant part of America, approximately half,  don't have computers (which is a fact that most of us with this privalege take for granted) the ACA was made accessible via telephone, in person assistance and the web. The website, like anything over the internet is as reliable as the thuosands of parts needed for it to function: the software, the hardware, the service provider etc. This would be like saying that if your bank website didn't work that the bank was no longer holding peoples money correctly. In a case of one avenue not working you'd find a way to get your money. 

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