America Now

If you believe in America, then at the end of the day, the people have spoken. If you voted then you did your part, and although you may not be happy we still have a voice with our local officials. If Democrats want to change their party affiliation for the next 4 years to effect the decisions the republican controlled branches have, then that's an option. 

But if you or someone you know did not vote, and is now out in the streets protesting, take a seat and learn a lesson. Get your ass up every year and vote. 

We have cut our noses to spite our face. People watched TV and saw the poles and demonstrated how lazy Americans can be by assuming Hillary was up and not voting. We demonstrated how weak Americans can be by not making the tough decision because they didn't like either candidate. Be stronger America. Well, one was gonna win so you should have picked the one possibly who had some experience. 

Would you hire someone at your company to a managerial role with absolutely no experience. It looks like people might, so how come unemployment so high. All you college grads saying you cant get a job, go to your nearest republican run business and demand a job, and when they say no simply tell them their a hypocrite, because they just hired someone to the highest position in the world with not one drop of political or government experience, not an assemblyman, city counsel member, mayor, governor, senator, veteran, not even ROTC. 

Continue to be active in our system and we will still have a voice. Instead of protesting call and write your local representatives and let them know you will be involved. Oh..and weeds legal! CNN Fox News MSNBC I still love America, as flawed as it is.

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