Better have my Donuts

The Dough-Nut: the bane of every office worker on a diet. The love of every lonely employee stuck in a cubicle. But what is it about the dough that drives us all nuts. Not a big fan of sweets, sometimes we break off a piece of some chocolate, maybe it twizzles at the movies, we pop a couple salty caramel balls in our mouth.  But normally we don't do sweets, we’re trying to eat healthy, we're on a diet, Sean T told me he'd be upset.  

It’s easy to fend off the office candies, snacks, hamburgler attack, but when we walk in and see that PINK highlighter box. The $8 dollar a dozen bundle of obesity draws your gaze like the deep V on the top heavy office staffer. This small investment of diabetes turns employees into liars and bosses into saviors. 

What is it about some deep fried dough with a hole in it, sugar, powdered sugar, hardened sugar, actual sugar and liquid sugar that somehow has adults become nutritionally ignorant. That goes great from 7am till 5pm. I don’t know, but I won't give it up. 

Donut Conversations:

Oh I heard you were on a diet. 
          Yeah I am, are those Jelly donuts? Nice. 

That candy from Halloween still in kitchen? 
            Yeah, nobodies gonna eat all those sweets.
Heard there’s Donuts in the conference room
            Really, gonna grab me a glazed and sugar you want one. 

You heard Curt fired Tom yesterday
           Damn, Tom's been here for years. He was great guy too
Are those donuts in the kitchen
Wow, Who brought these
           Curt. Is that a Jelly Donut. Curt's a good guy. You wanna split that glaze. 

"Better have my Do-nuts" - Delonte West

"Better have my Do-nuts" - Delonte West


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