The Donald - Reagan Phenom

This is a very very very good post and since I know many many very influential people who have told me I'm great at blogging you have to read this blog about Trump. If myself indulgent speech sounds familiar one might be confused as to it being Commandant Lassard from Police academy or Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed heir apparent to the presidential seat. This blog is not going to bash Donald Trump. It’s to begin a conversation. 

The phenomenon of Donald 

Donald Trump is the Ronald Regan of our time. 
Both men have a background in performing arts, Regan as a scripted performer and Trump as reality TV start, which is as we know is edited and staged in many ways to make it more appealing. This gave both men significant visibility and likability. The two men where both known as liberals initially, with Regan becoming a conservative republican during his time at GE and Trump embracing the Republican party during his run for candidacy against a group of  propaganda neophytes. With the media visibility of Clinton and Bernie and Trump took the path of least resistance and was the big fish in a pond of tadpoles. 

Regan and Trump are passionate, blunt and fiery speakers with a nack for understanding how media works and a perfect storm of reduced national moral and the belief that America was viewed unfavorably internationally. The hostage crisis for Regan and the rise of ISIS for Trump have been great for the type of nationalist rhetoric and galvanizing rallies that popularized the candidates and eventually led to their success. 

Their tax policies are very similar, which if we look at the long term effects of reagonomics, are not as beneficial to the working people because of the cuts to social spending, but because it leaned on deregulation it made people feel like they had more freedoms, but when the middle class begins to lose jobs that feeling will soon dissipate. 
I gotta say, Trump is good. I can appreciate talent when I see it and Trump has talent. Putting together a team of people who know about propaganda and understanding the new age of media Trump is making Trump great.  Regardless of who you like, you have to admit that Trump knows America. He knows how America works and good or bad, so far America seems to like it. 

Will America be great again…I never thought it wasn’t, but it sure will be different moving forward.

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  • Yolanda Salmon
    Yolanda Salmon
    Good analogy. Hopefully everyone can see the same point of view. True statement, they work the media.

    Good analogy. Hopefully everyone can see the same point of view. True statement, they work the media.

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