Tiger Goes Tiger

"A male lion attacked and killed female lion in their enclosure in front of dozens of horrified onlookers at a Texas zoo Sunday...Zoo officials don't know what prompted the male lion to attack. Five lions, three females and two males, lived in the enclosure for three years". 

Zoo keepers don't know?! Everybody else knows. Tiger went Tiger. The DNA of a Tiger is predatory. They are born to prey on the weak, demonstrate dominance, feed; kill all the stuff we see on Nat Geo during rerun season.
These natural instincts don't change because they are the first generation to be raised in captivity. Shouldn't the Zoo officials be aware of this, considering they've decided to capture wild animals for the exploitation of man (really there is no other reason). If you want to see an animal just go to the wild, that’s where they live, all day err day. 

The surprise is how the officials are so befuddled. A predator raised in captivity doesn't just stop being a predator. Tiger got the urge like a Amish pre-teen squeezing past his third cousin Jennifer on the butter line. Tiger needed release.  He decides, shit im a tiger. I should be killing something. He needed to see what this urge to dominate and kill was. He had 4 choices. Now a smart predator, like a bully in a school yard, is going to target the weakest link. He had one other male. Now two problems with that. One, that’s gonna be a fight not worth having and two, no man wants to be stuck with three woman in captivity. You know how many times he's gonna get told to comb his mane, de-fleas his coat, eat more grass, He aint got time for that.  So... somebody had to go. There was one too many females and she was more than likely the weakest. His urge was satisfied...for now. The Dexter of Tigers has begun. Hopefully this doesn't end with a shitty finally. So far, Tigers ratings are up. 


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