Yeesus is my homeboy & Sway has questions

Kanye is buggin. But he speaks the truth. I watched the Sway interview and the Breakfast Club interview and the message is the same. Although Kanye needs to work on the presentation, cause he gets...turn'd up, his knowledge is real. The dude will, at times,  go off on a stream of consciousness that seems to be off topic, but in actuality are just alternating thoughts being presented without back story due to an assumed level understanding. 
Conceptually, Kanye is really focusing on a few ideas

1. Knowledge is Power. For those that don't have the knowledge or haven't been able to see behind the curtain this idea doesn't always make sense. A drug dealer doesn't tell young dudes on the block who his connect is and how he moving his product. Ralph Lauren doesn't let designers know where he's getting discounts on Egyptian comb cotton. McDonalds still aint tell us what’s in the secret sauce (look like thousand  island dressing). Not only is information itself powerful because you are able to make better judgments and move in riskier spots that give better return but even the access to information is relevant. Sometimes people don't even know what to ask. So when Kanye starts spurting off about the not having access to areas that can give him reasonable rates on material or that Nike doesn't know when the Red Octobers are coming out, that’s hoarding knowledge in order to maintain control. Kanye just letting people know that this happens at all levels. He's letting people know that when he talks about Billionaires we've never heard us control the entire supply chain and in that create higher barriers to entry, it’s the same as trying to start your own restaurant and nobody finding out McDonalds has most of the farms and is gonna charge you more per burger so your prices end up to high and you end up going out of business since your margins were too small, your rate for the bank McDonalds owns a piece of was too high but was the only one to finance a startup restaurant...ya feel me.  

2. Money is Power. When Charlamane the clown asked, [why does Kayne keep talking about money and that the activists he grew up with never talked about or needed money], I wonder what delusional society he is living in. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, FDR, Florence Kelley all needed money. The buses they rode in to protest, the hotels they stayed in, the clothes they wore in order to convey a professional look, the bail they needed to get out of jail, the access to radio for fireside chats, the college education used to gain a voice, that wasn't free. Whether provided by donation, or earned through, money was necessary to further the movements. When Kanye said we are all slaves and the Breakfast Club says you don't have to be an artist and that’s freedom, they aren't realizing that freedom is available to those with access to it. Slaves had to buy their freedom. Even in the feudal system, the idea of indentured servitude is that you had to pay back a debt in order to be free. If the radio station the Breakfast Club works shut down, they would be forced into whatever jobs they were qualified.  Money would allow them greater flexibility in choices, whether to hold out for a better paying gig, or enjoy unemployment, or begin their own venture. The ability to have a choice is freedom (The ability to choose ones path). The age of media has allowed those activists to be more influential. It allowed them to take local concerns and reach national and international levels. Access to those media outlets come at a cost to someone. We may think that because Martin didn't pay to be on TV it was free, but it wasn’t. Those messages were only allowed because the revenue generated by consumers watching or listening to that specific media outlet not generates ad dollars and someone is getting paid. This is turn is why Kanye talks about how it is so relevant to use his relevance as an artist before he becomes......ummmm irrelevant. 

3. My struggle is your struggle. Sway said it like we should all be saying it, "I’m asking questions cause I don't know and we wanna know" instead of saying like the Breakfast Club "you got rich people problems." Kanye wasn't always rich and that’s a benefit to everyone in the middle to lower class because his problems are problems we may encounter, but now we've had someone speak up and let us know, watch out sun. Kayne's struggle is the same struggle as the young entrepreneur trying to open up a spot in his neighborhood, or the stay at home mom who wants to get back in the work force. Kanye has demonstrated his ability to generate revenue, to create demand but yet even at his level he's having people tell him he doesn't fit in that space. At his position he still has people using knowledge against him. For Nike to say they don't know when the Red Octobers are coming out is just a way or being able to control the situation. Its business, its strategic and it’s a real barrier that no matter the size, one will face if persons want to keep you in your place. The struggle is real and we should be happy that someone in his position is laying it out for us. It may end up to his detriment, but if you can turn down the background and turn up the message then there is a lot to learn. 

Kanye is buggin. But I saw the Steve Jobs movie, and even if part of it is true then he was, rude, cruel, a marketer, an idealist and inventor who used and discarded people to create his visions, a delinquent parent for some time, 


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