Computer Fist Punch

Computers cant punch people, but people can. With the ability to make our world smaller by connecting individuals from around the globe, the internet has simultaneously made our world more separate and created a lack of accountability, by allowing people to act without consequence by hiding behind the shield of a computer.

I am never an advocate of violence but as per science, people only learn from stimuli, which include positive and negative. Negative in many cases is pain. Kids learn not to play with fire, not because they get yelled at a bunch of times or even get burned,  but because they end up touching something hot and saying, " is hotter then that shit....hell naw." 

As adults, the concept of a reprimand is far gone since our inalienable right to free will allows us to ignore people or rules we choose. The one thing that people can't ignore is a straight up jab to throat. Its a fine line to walk between whoopin some ass and teaching a lesson, hence the reason for child protective services. 

My focus here is the adult. The person that goes on facebook, youtube, etc and decides to say what they would never say to another persons face, say something that they need an alias to hide behind to say. 

Every area should have a local rep that gets a message when someone writes something worth getting punched. The writer gets a chance to meet up with the person being addressed and man up, or if this is a bully situation, the person being talked about can call in a similar sized well trained fighter. The puncher (that's what we'll call him) will show up at someones house and give'em a two piece no biscuit. Nothing crazy, no broken nose but a couple solid punches. 

So its put up or shut up. Don't write the checks your ass can't cash. 

I'm a dude from the NYC. I grew up knowing that "sticks and stones may break my bones and words can get your ass kicked" Words to live by.

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