Cicero grew up in the Bronx, NY during the 80's drug epidemic. Raised by a single mother who worked long hours to provide as much stability as possible, he fell into behavioral and academic struggles early, dealing with the occasional interactions of an absentee father, who battled with addiction and incarceration, as well as peer pressure from an economically depressed community.


Opportunities presented themselves in the way of community organizations, which his mother recognized. Organizations that would provide Cicero with an understanding of self-worth, accountability, and perseverance. Valuable lessons were learned and are still used today. The opportunities led him from a Bronx public school to a nationally recognized boarding school, to a top-tier university, and later receiving his MBA, forming a non-profit, and running several successful businesses. His struggles, successes, and solutions are openly shared in his speeches.

Cicero speaks across all ages, using three key principles, INSPIRE, REINFORCE, and MOTIVATE. He is a premier motivational speaker, incorporating mental health and financial literacy into his engagements.


Cicero has experience as a teacher in the classroom, a business owner, real estate investor,  healthcare professional, professional entertainer and non-profit leader. He is able to truly speak from experience. 


Cicero is most proud of his family. He and his wife Janet, live happily in Southern California with their three children. Cicero and has been happily married for over 10 years. With his wife having grown up as a foster child, her story and success in life are a part of the inspiration that drives him to give back to the community.