FINDING YOUR PURPOSE: Cicero encourages students to look in the mirror and find their passion and purpose in life. Many students today are plagued with anxiety and/or depression, feeling as though they have no purpose. His message resonates as he assures them that they are destined for greatness if they work to achieve it! 

DIVERSITY & CHARACTER BUILDING: In alignment with Cicero’s “Upstream Students” SEL character building curriculum, Cicero shares the importance of building one’s character. He incorporates the need for diversity, empathy and cultural sensitivity and its effects on self confidence and others. 

GIVING AND RECEIVING RESPECT: Cicero affirms teachers and their roles in students’ lives. He shares the importance of the educators who sacrifice for them daily. 

BUILDING STUDENT & TEACHER RELATIONSHIPS: Cicero taps into the importance of building and maintaining relationships that matter. Sometimes a teacher may be the only positive influence in a student’s life. Teachers can learn ways to reach out and connect with students to make a difference. 

ANTI-BULLYING: Today, approximately one-third of students in America experience bullying, which makes this one of the biggest problems in schools. Cicero tactfully addresses this issue for both the victim and the accused, to provide ways to alter behavior and tackle this issue head on. Ultimately, schools can build a culture where bullying no longer thrives! 

VALUING EDUCATION AND DROPPING OUT: Cicero has a POWERFUL way of encouraging and empowering students to increase their desire to stay and finish school. His message is one that will reinforce the value of education. 

SELF-WORTH/SELF LOVE: Many students come to school and suffer silently. Cicero accesses his counseling skills and experience interacting with countless numbers of children across the country, to provide meaning to “self-worth'' and “self-love.” 

BETTER DECISION MAKING: Students find themselves in trouble because of poor decisions. Cicero is great for reinforcing the importance of good decision making. 

KEEP ACHIEVING & SUSTAINING SUCCESS: With a compelling testimony, Cicero knows what it takes to bounce back in life! His presentation will give your students the needed tools to achieve and sustain the success they were born to have. 

USING PBIS FOR POSITIVE OUTCOMES: Some students are so used to punitive actions that they turn away from school. When educators incorporate Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports into their schools, students build better teacher and administrator relationships, want to come to school, and stay engaged